Our Mission

Moving the path of growth, evolution and development in today's world, requires the discovery of new approaches in industrial and commercial context that can expand business relationships and increasing activities around the globe.
Undoubtedly, our company aims to create new strategies based on its expertise, experiences, teamwork and organizational values, and employing knowledge-based approaches based on activities in the international arena, seeking entrepreneurial presence in concluding cooperation agreements and effective partnerships in providing management and investment services and finance facilities of national and international projects.

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Some of the core activities pertaining to the company as follows:

Presenting unique financial models to develop and implement manufacturing and service projects, technology transfer, purchasing technical knowledge and relevant machinery with reliance on foreign and domestic financial resources;

Making strategic and fundamental policies encompassing legal entities seeking domestic or international investment.

Identification of investing opportunities within lucrative scopes yielding higher margin of profit & productivity.

Preparing needed documents for concluding contracts on investment projects;

Consultancies given on absorbing domestic and foreign financial resources;

Acquiring relevant permits from the respective authorities;

Offering legal consultations on various investment and management contracts;

Advising International investors on proper investment areas according to a proper selection criteria characterizing various projects within the country.

Participating in contract negotiations;

Planning and managing construction developments, revitalizing and renovation of product lines parallel with technology transfer proceedings.

Planning and production/manufacturing control

Re-engineering, planning, and creating new organizational & human resource structure

Studying, investigating, and evaluating economic, technical and financial feasibility of the intended projects to be implemented.

Provision of financial & executive services aiming to provide production lines, relevant machineries and so forth.


Why Ferdows Fadak?

Obviously, reliability and strong support of the company’s integrity, perseverance, expertise and confidence, as well as stuff having contact & consultation with internal/external legal and valid, could be the true manifestation of its nature.


Effective recognition of Iran's economic atmosphere and valuable experience in providing management and investment services

Constructive Communication

Effective cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign companies

Knowledge Base

Effective use of knowledge in order to create practical strategies


Providing the highest level of performance towards customers and observing the principles of professional work

Who we are?

Ferdows Fadak Company is a well- connected & reputed entity capable of handling investment and trading opportunities within varying vital scopes. To just name a few, petrochemical, oil and their numerous byproducts, vital energy sectors, mining and construction projects could be some of the standing activities within our discretion.

A brief view of the company

Ferdows Fadak Management & Investment Service Company was officially established on the basis of a macro scale approach characterized by production and trade under a registered title encompassing the activities pertaining to export and import of all permitted trading goods. In line with the mentioned activities, Ferdows Fadak facilitates borrowing loans from banks and concluding contracts with domestic and foreign companies. The aforementioned range of activities targets the identification, introduction, and engagement of domestic and foreign investors and financiers through providing management and investment consultancy services. It is notable that customer oriented-ness is one of our main concerns and our company has realized this objective by earning customers’ trust, satisfaction and respect. This quality has been characterized via benefiting from the capability and experience of veteran experts

in offering a variety of services within the scopes of specialization, as well as relying on its organizational values and keeping up with the two conceptual frameworks highlighting the corporate image of the company and the policies. As the old saying goes "Trust breeds trust and honesty is the best policy", hence, differentiation in services, practicality, and utilizing the state of the art expertise, knowledge targeting the maximum customer satisfaction comes at our top priorities in our professional business ties.
Given the fact that one of the primary goals of this company is to manage , direct foreign and domestic financial resources and investments in order to set up and improve the housing, manufacturing, industrial projects and enterprises, the intended purpose has been realized through absorbing foreign and domestic investments. In addition to this, Ferdows has been active as the most trusted consultancy company getting the best out of exchanging knowledge of expertise and cooperation with foreign investment organizations parallel with techno-economic assistance offered to the respective organizations.

What Clients Say?

  • Ferdow Fadak Company comes at our top priority when we aim to engage in scopes such as Finance & Investment.
    Gostarane Saipa company
  • We do admire their deep understanding of the project needs and their efficient delivery of services. Eventually, they never sacrifice the quality at the expense of just meeting the deadlines.
    Ercolith Company
  • Ferdows Fadak Company along with its affiliates were easy to collaborate and they really straighten up all the complexities by smoothing the process.
    Idcopress company
  • Ferdows Fadak have always offered invaluable assistance and endorsement throughout the whole process and we do recommend this company as an efficient one in providing professional management and investment services.
    Sirjan tire manufacturing factory(Barez)
  • It is very true that we were not able to finalize the projects without the involvement of Ferdows Fadak and, the projects will have never been completed as Ferdows Fadak is the best facilitator when it comes to management and investment services.
    Asre Danesh Afzar company
  • We will definitely seek for the expertise and consultancies offered by Ferdows Fadak in the realm of management and investment services pertaining to vital sectors. Finance and investment could be quite complicated, but this is not the case when you have Ferdows Fadak as the efficient facilitator supporting you every step of the way.
    Peikareh Development and investment company