What We Offer?

We want to be a leading management and investment services company in Iran providing a platform of world-class investment practices through adopting an active approach and enjoying an experienced management team.

Investment and Financial Management Services


Identifying and Assessing the Opportunities and Investment Methods in Value-Generating and Highly Efficient Areas

With Iran's economic growth, the great potentials available for attracting foreign investment has laid ground for the presence of investors not only in big manufacturing, constructional, and industrial projects but also in the large projects related to the field of energy which are among the most attractive investment opportunities of the country. While relying on the scientific and technical capacities of its specialists and experts and with its comprehensive knowledge of Iran's business environment and the principles of finance structures which is the result of adding long-term experience to expertise and developing constructive ties with pertinent authoritative bodies including the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Ferdows Fadak Co. is ready to start cooperation and offer services in this regard. FF Co's seasoned experts are quite capable of identifying and assessing economically-feasible projects and can offer advice to both domestic and foreign investee and investors and help them with selecting a proper and unique plan regarding their investment in different projects within the country.

Consultation Services in International Investment and Finance

The most important factor in developing the country is running projects' investment and finance plans. Thus, enhancing and forming strong ties with international financial bodies and investors for financing construction and industrial projects can prove highly effective in national growth and development of the country.
Ferdows Fadak Co. has extended its area of activity focusing on identifying, attracting and introducing domestic and foreign investors and financiers through offering management and investment consultation services. As a result of this extension of activity, it is now the active agent of a number of foreign companies and investors in Iran.
Having received the required information from the investor/investee, the experienced finance advisers of FF Co. start devising practical proposals for investment aiming at reaching the short-term objectives or long-term goals of the specified project.
From among the services to be offered in the area of Investment and Finance Management we can name the following:
  • Offering advice on financing projects;
  • Preparing and reviewing the financial models of feasibility reports;
  • Offering specific financial models in the area of developing and implementing manufacturing and service projects as well as the ones related to transferring technology, purchasing technical knowledge and the related machinery by means of both domestic and foreign financial resources;
  • Investigating and assessing the risks associated with executing and financing projects;
  • Offering consultation services on acquiring financial facilities from domestic and foreign banks;
  • Offering advice on finding a proper domestic or foreign commercial partner aiming at efficiently benefiting from the other party's capital, technology and management capacities;
  • Offering advice on forming partnerships of diverse types or establishing JVCs between domestic and foreign parties.

    Preparing the Pertinent Documentations for Financial Contracts and Having an Effective Presence in Commercial Negotiations

    • Offering advice on drafting and preparing contracts with financiers and their commercial parties;
    • Preparing, modifying and reviewing the drafts of investment contracts and their pertinent side contracts;
    • Carrying out the follow-up activities for obtaining the permits related to investment, transfer of technical knowledge and technology from competent authorities within the country and making the required arrangements;
    • Holding commercial meetings between investors and investees and having an effective and comprehensive presence in contract negotiations.

    Preparing the Principle and Strategic Policies for Legal Entity Investees

    Employing foreign financial resources in the country's projects entails increasing interactions between investors and project owners which is hardly achievable without holding effective and comprehensive negotiations aiming at reaching a common ground for determining interaction procedures and preparing an agreed framework of cooperation with the commercial parties to financial negotiations. As a reliable and honest advisory which has a long and successful experience in international commercial relations, Ferdows Fadak Co. not only identifies feasible domestic investment opportunities and introduces them to foreign providers, but also declares readiness for creating the synergy necessary for pushing forward the process of executing projects, and to this end, FF Co. will play an active role in the interactions and will benefit from the experience and technical knowledge of its specialized team.

    Management Services

    Investigating and Reviewing Projects' Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility

    The economic feasibility of a project mainly lies in the economic considerations and ensuring about the profitability of investment therein.
    Acquiring a proper share in the domestic and international market, enjoying valuable socio-financial indices, having a high level of popularity due to branding, etc. are among the factors that make a project feasible for investment.
    With the help of its specialized and experienced human resources, Ferdows Fadak Management and Investment Services Company declares readiness to help investors and investees alike as a competent consultant and provide them with its scientific and practical capacity and experience so that they can properly analyze the different aspects of the project.
    The feasibility study of every project is considered at three levels; namely market research, technical analysis, and economic analysis. It addresses issues like market conditions, product particulars, production capacity, required equipment, and the amount of required capital. Having considered the revenues and the ROR conditions, FF Co's experts prepare the feasibility study and submit it to domestic and foreign investors for finding a good financier or to financial institutions for acquiring some financial facilities.
    At the level of market research, market data like the actual and potential demand for the product as well as its complementary and substitute products, imports and exports competitive advantages, etc. are collected and systematically analyzed to provide a clear image and categorization of the current market and a good prediction of the future market for the specified product.
    FF Co's market research experts also try to determine the project's capacity and the real price for the project's products and this way provide a clear prospect of the project for project owners and entrepreneurs.
    At the level of technical analysis, the specifications of the project's physical and technical parts, its manufacturing procedures, and its required machinery and raw materials are investigated and the progress timeline of the project is prepared, which includes predicting execution operations, determining the order of operations, predicting the required time for supplying the project's raw materials, predicting execution problems and their required preventive measures, and predicting the project completion time while considering production and conditions as well as the regional conditions of the project location.
    At the level of financial and economic analysis, the indices used in financial assessment like Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), Profitability Index (PI), etc. are calculated after receiving exact data and proper analyses so that the project's required capital can be determined.

    Project Management Services

    Success in ope-rationalizing and executing large projects in accordance with the predicted time and costs is the direct result of proper project management by specialized and seasoned teams which, besides benefiting from project management knowledge and expertise, have enough successful practical experience in this area as well. To this end, Ferdows Fadak Co. benefits from its experienced specialists and the knowledge and capacity of its partner holdings to play its role as a part of the employer team and direct the inner projects of larger developmental projects and make sure they are implemented in line with the organization's strategic objectives. To this end, FF Co can complete the construction and operation phases and then take the responsibility of proper maintenance of the project's units. Some of the main services that FF Co can offer in this regard are as follows:
    • Preparing the required feasibility studies to make sure about the profitability and the operationalizability of the project;
    • Assessing the project's risks at the planning level;
    • Determining execution guidelines for the project and preparing schedules and timelines;
    • Estimating and managing the costs;
    • Offering financial and executive services in preparing and purchasing production lines, machinery, etc.
    • Making arrangements for supervising the construction and the executive operations;
    • Assistance in hiring specialists and creating an efficient organizational structure;
    • Controlling the progress of operations and preparing the employer required reports;
    • Field inspections, quality control and quality guarantee;
    • Operation phase services.

    Management Advice

    The significance of benefiting from the modern knowledge of management becomes more evident when you aim at increasing capacities, managing developmental projects, renovating production lines, transferring technology and creating competitive advantages through making the operations more efficient, enhancing quality and improving productivity. The prominent experts of Ferdows Fadak Co. have proved successful in implementing projects and earning the trust of our clients through focusing on offering distinguished services and employing modern management strategies which have not only led to more practical solutions, but also resulted in the development of an integrated system for professional thinking and performance. Some of the services that FF Co can offer in this area are as follows:
    • Preparing the feasibility studies for the organization's developmental projects;
    • Offering advice and cooperating in preparing the project's operational plan and assessing and managing the same;
    • Doing the follow-ups for obtaining the required permits from competent organizations and authorities within the country;
    • Re engineering, devising programs, and creating a modern structure for human resources and the organization at large;
    • Planning and controlling production;
    • Doing diagnostic studies aiming at improving the processes and continuous increase of efficiency;
    • Offering financial advice for developing and implementing manufacturing and service projects, transferring technology, and purchasing technical knowledge and the pertinent machinery.