Our advantage is specialized and
accountable human resources,
who benefit from modern
scientific management
methods and creative
strategies in identifying
and seizing investment opportunities.

F erdows Fadak Management and Investment Services Company (FF Co.) officially started its activity in 1995 with a macro approach to entering production and commerce areas and with the registered activity subject of “engaging in export and import related activities of all permissible commercial goods, and signing contracts with domestic and foreign companies.” It enhanced its activities in 1999 aiming at identifying, attracting and introducing foreign and domestic” investors and financiers through offering management and investment consultancy services.

In the meanwhile, FF Co. was able to create an integrated system for its professional thinking and performance through benefiting from the capacity and experience of seasoned experts and specialists in offering diverse services in this area and relying on its corporate values including honesty and value creation for customers, offering distinguished and practical services, and using the mentioned technical knowledge for enhancing customer satisfaction. This approach has earned us our customers' trust and has made us their first choice ever.
One of the macro objectives of this company is managing and engineering domestic and foreign financial resources for national development and creating construction, manufacturing, industrial and mining companies and projects for the country through

attracting financial resources and domestic as well as foreign investors.
FF Co. considers this objective one of its pivotal competences, and thus has always managed to develop close cooperative ties with the country's pertinent bodies and organizations as their trusted consultant and agent.
Some of the areas of activity of this company are investment management, agency and consultation in all manufacturing, commercial, service, engineering, mining and construction projects as well as establishing factories, doing any permissible domestic and international commercial activity directly or indirectly, offering advice on acquiring credit and financial facilities from banks and financial and credit institutions, both domestic and foreign.
It is also worthy of notice that with more than 22 years of nonstop activity in these areas, FF Co. is ready to keep offering consultation services and execute projects in a perfect and value-generating fashion. To this end, FF Co. will benefit from its acquired experience in the area of Investment and Management Services at both domestic and international levels and also from its access to committed and experienced specialists at all technical areas and specializations. Besides, the comprehensive ties of FF Co. with prime international companies as well as its deep understanding of these areas can be of immense help along the way.

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Our Ability


Sparkling intellectuality is the most invaluable asset yielding scintillating performance to have realized the proper approach either upon individualistic criterion or the holistic customer solution.


Highly prized to create or identify new opportunities to develop the business. We constantly put heavy emphasis upon innovative approaches and strategies to let our dreams come true. To reach out our dreams is the connotation of the literal true manifestation of our preset objectives.


We do hold the potentiality of business operations to rapidly adapt and respond to internal or external dynamic changes – opportunities, demands, disruptions or threats – and continue operations with limited impact to the business.

Global outlook

Ferdows Fadak conceptualizes and strongly embarks on the global outlook enabling effective and responsible engagement in a multicultural and globalizing world. In doing so, it interconnects both dimensions: inclusivity and global relevance.

Client Focused

Our company was established upon the ultimate objective to meet the needs of our potential clients as the top priority, and the ability to make a big difference in the lives of our customers. We do believe our clients’ needs should be greatly attended as they depict our corporate image through expression of their satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

When we serve with excellence, making great successes will be inevitable. We do provide innovative services of highest quality and discipline leading to practical solutions. Such pragmatism derived from our accountability for efficient service provision and maintaining the highest quality.

Commitment to Clients

We have always been committed to providing exceptional client customized and tailor-made services targeting the needs of our customers. To make this happen, we highlight our superior long-term service provision by ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients.

Integrity Always

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and stand by our statement to the full realization of our commitments. We are of the conception that trust breeds trust, and Ferdows Fadak is committed to maintain transparency within the entire undertakings pertinent to the investment and managerial services.

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