Our company is an old hand in offering consultation, research and implementation services. Thus, you can focus on your core business mission while we take care of your investment and make sure it aims at meeting your needs.

Our experience is in consulting, research, and implementation, which allow you to focus on your core mission while we help ensure your investment aims to meet your needs.

In Progress Projects

Authorized exclusive agent On behalf of foreign investor in Iran for Financing & Efficiently implement & Construct the project of SSFI a new Gas Condensate Refinery in Pars special economic energy zone(Asalouyeh)

Provision of financial consultancies services

Authorized exclusive agent On behalf of foreign investor in Iran for Financing & Efficiently implement & Construct the storage tank for Mokran Terminal & Tanks in Chabahar free zone.

Provision of financial consultancies services

Authorized exclusive agent On behalf of foreign investor in Iran for Financing project

Provision of financial consultancies services

Stages of project execution

Name of the project or the employer’s contract with Status
  • 1999-2001Qeshm Refinery
    (Saman Sanate Qeshm company)

    • Acquisition of needed licenses from oil ministry regarding the establishment of refinery and supply of the necessary raw materials required for the refinery
    • Concluding the contract for the provision of the raw materials needed for the refinery and selling the byproducts accordingly.
    • Obtaining the needed licenses from the Department Environment
    • Acquiring the needed land from Gheshm free zone Concluding contracts on feasibility study preparation with OEID (Oil Energy Industry Development) and follow up negotiations
    • Acquisition of Bank warranties for both parties
    • Handling the financial and legal negotiation process with financers to concluding stage of the contract
  • 2002Gold bank

    • Provision of fruitful consultancies with regards to the absorption and transfer of foreign financial resources to Iran through Gold bank
    • Conducting the needed negotiations with the respective authorities to acquire the employers’ needed licenses
    • Offering operational solutions applicable within the partnership execution phase and practical interactions with Emirates Company.
  • 2005The maintenance and development company for sports complexes under the direct auspice of Physical Education Organization

    • Concluding construction development plan contract in joint collaboration with Iran University of Science and Technology targeting at preparing a master plan for the construction of three international sports complexes in Tehran
    • Offering necessary Consultancy services to the employer on project finance
  • 2005Management consultancy service provision to Marvestan Group preparing them to attend the tendering for Nimnofsky Dam & Hydro-electric power plant construction in Belarus

    • Export Development Bank of Iran collaboration as correspondent bank
    • Conducting mutual negotiations with Irano-Belarus joint commission
    • Hosting services offered to Belarus minister of industry along with the associate company managers in Tehran
    • Provision of financial consultations necessary to the employer to conclude contract with Bell Energo Company in Tehran.
  • 2005Management consultancy service provision to Marvestan Group preparing them to attend tendering for Plotesk Dam & power plant construction in Belarus

    • Tight collaboration with Export Development Bank as the correspondent bank
    • Conducting mutual negotiations with joint commission of Irano-Belarus industries
    • Offering hosting services to Belarus Industry minister including managers of companies in Tehran
    • Offering financial consultancies needed to conclude the contract with Bell Inergo in Tehran
  • 2006CMEC (China)

    • Identification, selection criteria analysis and nomination of appropriate projects within water and waste water sectors ,in line with the supply of power plant , sporting and establishments needed equipment and mass production for financing purposes
  • 2006Marvestan group- Belarus bidding for petrochemical project

    • According to the existing protocol regarding Irano- Belarus investment plan focusing on industries, Marvestan group, Sadra and petro Shemiran company collectively invested on a gas power plant in Belarus through the mutual agreed memorandum of understanding
  • 2006Asre Danesh Afzar company

    • Offering needed consultancies to enter the employer tendering for hardware and software supply, filling out the documents and organizing the financial status of the project
    • Facilitating the financial steering with the Foreign Ministry of I.R.Iran
    • Taking follow up measures to obtain bank guarantees associated with contract
    • Offering consultancies on financing and the supply of project equipment
    • Provision of practical solutions to settle any arising disputes with the employer
  • 2006Alborz investment company- improvement and transfer of Vitana (Factory) production line.

    • Feasibility studies regarding How knowledge and the transfer stages of machineries
    • Positioning the machinery from various dimensions (Keivan food processing factory located in Hamedan province)
    • Provision of CPM applicable in dissembling machineries, transfer and installment in the new site and commencement of the commissioning phase
    • Studying the financial status of the company and calculating the overdue & claims/ receivables and liabilities
    • Investigation of the best practice regarding the cut back of the working staff and holding negotiations with the experts of the labor office and other respective organizations and calculating the precise rate of redeeming for each personnel.
    • Calculation of the needed investment for production line transfer, new employment opportunities and the number of personnel should be hired
    • Conducting the needed negotiations and correspondence with Hamedan general office for industrial affairs
    • Offering necessary consultations on the improvement of production line, quality control and employment of human resources
    • Negotiating and corresponding with Hamedan general office for industrial affairs when necessary.
  • 2006Sirjan tire manufacturing factory(Barez)

    • Utilizing the experts of the factory to evaluate the production status and assessing the standard deviation in terms of quantity and quality
    • Offering practical solutions to improve the production status
    • Inviting the senior specialized expert from Sweden and acquisition of technical expertise
    • Dispatching the technical team along with the foreign specialist experts to the plant.
    • Handling the administrative affairs aiming technology transfer for manufacturing Bid Wire and Steel.
  • 2009Ercolith Company

    • Conducting fruitful negotiations with Ercolith (German company) and acquiring joint agency with Marvestan company for quick and cost-effective housing projects
    • Taking needed measures resulting in the acquisition of necessary licenses from the Ministry of industrial affairs
    • Follow the necessary approval from the National Land Survey and Housing
    • Obtaining the necessary authorizations from the housing research center
    • Conducting the necessary negotiations with the banks for the allocation of financial resources targeting at low-cost housing construction.